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 Asian Town, Doha, State of Qatar



15 professionally skilled and registered Staff nurses with 2 Nurses-in-Charge, 4 nurses as Shift-in-charge, and 8 as department-in-charge.

Designated areas classified for OPDs, Treatment Room, Procedure Room and for Vaccination Services.

OPD Staff for primary Evaluation incl. checking Vitals, Triage and accompanying the OPD.

Treatment Room staff assigned to provide First Aid and the prescribed Treatment as per Dr’s Advice.

Procedure Room staff assigned to assist in elective and emergency Procedures, dressing, Equipment Sterilization, and maintenance.

Vaccination in charge assigned to manage the Cold Chain Protocol, Vaccination plan and Inventory maintenance.

24*7 Availability of Nurses with the General Scope Physician helps in providing health care anytime round the Clock.

Average Patient waiting time for consultation brought down to less than 10 mins due to the availability of assigned Nurses.

Triage protocol followed at all times to minimize delays in treatment.

Emergency referral to HMC co-ordinated with 999 Services.

Guidance to patients at the Nurse level to reinforce the treatment and the advice given by the doctor.