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Main conditions encountered in ENT clinic are infections of the Ear like OE, ASOM, and CSOM, Otomycosis, Impacted Cerumen, BPPV, Allergic and Infective conditions of the Nose, Acute Upper Respiratory Infections including laryngitis and Pharyngitis, Sinusitis, Atrophic Rhinitis, and Nasal Crusting, Nasal Bone fracture for Conservative Reduction, Nasal packing for nasal bleed, Foreign Body throat, Oral Ulcer, and Sub Mucous Ulcer.

Complicated Conditions like FB Hypopharynx, CSOM with TM Perforation, Nasal polyp and Rhinosporidiosis requiring Surgical management are referred to HMC after thorough assessment as per Standard protocol.

Conditions of HL like Otosclerosis and NIHL which require diagnosis using Impedance Audiometry and Conditions which require further work Up are referred to HMC for further management.

An average of 15-20 ENT cases per day including 5-8 new visits is a regular occurrence at our ENT OPD.

Rare cases like Lüdwig’s Angina, Rhinosporidiosis, and Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma have presented at the ENT OPD.

The statistics of our ENT OPD in the last 6 months appear rather humble. About 2600 total visits of which 620 were New cases.

And regular Health Check-Ups including Pure Tone Audiometry as required by Companies are also performed at ENT OPD.