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Significant Fraction of Orthopaedic OPD comprises of back pain, Neck Pain and Cervicobrachialgia, Polyarthrosis and work-related exhaustion and Myalgias and age-related Gonarthrosis and Sports-related Injuries.

Uric Acid related and Eosinophils related Orthopaedic Complaints also form a good size of our daily OPD.

Fractures, work-related trauma and domestic falls also visit our OPD.

Few cases of Vitamin D deficiency and very rarely Calcium Deficiency cases were dealt with accordingly.

The mainstay Orthopaedic treatment in our Centre is Conservative.

Occasional cases not responding to the treatment have been referred to HMC with a note to patients to inform post-treatment.

Patients with low back pain not responsive to treatment have been sent to HMC for MRI while staying on conservative treatment for the same till MRI appointment is finalized.

Statistics is though not exaggerating but significant for Conservative Orthopaedics in the last 6 months starting 1st January 2019.

An average of 30 pts per day, 3800 pts in 6 months ending June 30th, 2019 which includes 3000 pts who visited before for similar or different complaints.