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Managing Directors Message

A compassionate visionary, Dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare by making it easily available through technology, expertise and compassion for the community.


Greetings Friends,


The core of IMARA Healthcare's strength lies in its winning corporate culture that promotes growth and fosters innovation and a customer-driven strategy that is guided by quality, active solutions and a never-ending search for better ways to serve the community. Today, IMARA Healthcare is on an ambitious growth path that aims to provide accessible and affordable healthcare, integrating state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced technology and bringing together a team of dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals. The goal of IMARA is to offer unparalleled quality of care, both comprehensive and personalized, including a multidisciplinary approach of prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, support and monitoring. 


Our aim is to provide not just early detection but also to provide the best possible treatment for each individual patient along with health awareness and health education to society in general.


ROYAL MEDCARES is an existing Group company that operates a network of more than 300 hospitals, diagnostic centres and consultants from international faculties. As we build IMARA Healthcare, we are confident that our relentless quest for care and compassion will push us to the pinnacle of healthcare throughout GCC.

We look forward for wider collaboration with all our patrons and partners on a basis of mutual understanding, win-win solutions and co-development.

Managing Director