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 Asian Town, Doha, State of Qatar



The Essential and core Branch of any Clinical Establishment.

An average of 40-50 patients/day including an average of 10 Health Checkups /Day.

Our Medicine Department caters to Acute and Chronic Cases.

Acute Cases including Acute Respiratory Tract Infections, and other Fevers, Chest Pain and Dyspnea, Headache Nausea and Giddiness and at least 3-4pts with Skin Conditions in a Day.

Chronic cases include DM., HTN, and Dyslipidemia which form the major bulk of our Medicine OPD Patients ranging around approx. 20 cases per day.

Also Complications of these Chronic disorders like Heart Diseases, and a few Neurological ones, nearly 20-30 pts. per Month.

Other Diseases like Thyroid Disorders, Neurology Cases, Renal, Hepatic, and Hematology cases also form a minor Chunk of our regular OPD e.g., A case of Leukemia and two cases of Thalassemia have been referred to HMC from our Hospital though we never got any update of the same.

Some cases like Pneumonitis, Bell’s Palsy, Viral Hepatitis, Severe Eosinophilias, Bleeding Patients have been satisfactorily dealt with and followed up at our Clinic.