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 Asian Town, Doha, State of Qatar



Another  Core Department for the functioning of Our Health Centre.

Three-fourths of our surgical OPD includes patients of Industrial Injuries, Gastric Related problems e.g Gastritis, Renal Conditions most Commonly Ureteric Colic and Uro/NephroLithiasis and not to forget the Hemorrhoids considering the Food habits of our Patients.

With the support of the Radiology department, we could diagnose some cases like Transitional cell Carcinoma of the Bladder, Prostatic malignancies, and Renal Tumors also, to name a few.

Cases of Work-related Trauma like Minor Suturing or Foreign Body removal is also done under strict Aseptic Care.

Strict adherence to the QCHP protocol of using antibiotics and have had no evidence of any Resistant Infections.

Over 6000 patients have been treated with new registrations of 1200 in the last 6 months till June 30.

A healthy ratio of 1:5 patients of New to Review signifies good Satisfaction Coefficient of our Treatment.

In spite of all this, we had to refer a few patients for surgical management including Emergencies and Electives.

The feedback post referral to HMC is mainly from the Elective cases when pts come for Post Operative followup at our Health Centre.