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The list of Investigations done includes almost all Biochemistry panels incl. for Diabetes, Endocrine and metabolic, Lipid Panel and the Orthopaedic panel to assist the clinicians in their Diagnosis.

In spite of a big list, a few tests are outsourced in order to collect the sample and provide the result at the same point, for E.g. Thyroid profile, Throat Swabs, and Vit D.

2 of 5 cases of Electrophoresis sent from our center have been diagnosed with Thalassemia Minor.

Serology tests include WIDAL, H . Pylori antigen.

Coordination with Clinician in diagnosing some conditions like Leukemia, Iron deficiency and megaloblastic Anemia.

Leukemia kind of Picture was noticed in 3 patients in the past 6 months which was duly reported to the clinician.

In the case of a few patients where the patients' profile lacks financial feasibility to conduct certain tests, the staff coordinate with the Company’s Employee In Charge to perform such tests to arrive at a Diagnosis.